Curriculum C.B.S.E.

The programme of studies is planned to give the student the best standards of education in accordance With the aims and objective of the school.
Central Board of secondary Education Examination affiliation .
English is the medium of instruction .Hindi is however, compulsory and all efforts are made of ensure that student are proficient in both languages.
The student are introduced to computer at the early stage so as to encourage them to explore the medium and to become comfortable with it.|
We also have Educomp smart class, a digital teaching system that has been adopted by over 5,500 progressive schools in India.
The entire course is operation as per the syllabus on N.C.R.T.

Education is not confined to textbooks & classroom only and that there world beyond which the children have to explore and our conscious efforts are always towards opening thje doors for our student to a wide range of activities like.

Quiz Competition I   Moths and Science Olympiad   I    Scholarship initiatives   I    Debates and Elocution   I    Dance and Dramatics   I    Gardening and Nature Walks   I    Education Film and Television Programs.